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Seagrass and Seagrass Beds

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Despite the fact that corals look more like rocks or plants, they are definitely animals. Coral colonies are composed of many tiny, cup-shaped animals called polyps, which are related to jellyfish. A single coral polyp may be as large as a saucer or smaller than the head of a pin. Millions of polyps working together in a cooperative colony generation after generation create the limestone skeletons that form the framework of the beautiful coral reef.

Corals begin life in tropical waters as free-floating larvae. After a relatively short period of time, the larva eventually attaches itself to a hard surface and becomes a polyp. Polyps divide asexually and form colonies. Coral colonies reproduce both sexually and asexually. In sexual reproduction, the coral polyps release both eggs and sperm into the water. This is also known as coral spawning. One type of asexual reproduction occurs when fragments of coral are broken off as a result of storm action.

The broken pieces of corals usually survive and continue to grow and produce a new colony.

Blue Holes and Hurricanes

Global fisheries are on the verge of collapse, global warming is raising ocean temperatures, coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate and runoff from farms and neighborhoods is fouling the seas with fertilizers and other pollutants. Thankfully, we have these 10 inspiring ocean conservation groups that are influencing public policy, drumming up public support, researching solutions, and even going out there and stopping illegal activities that harm wildlife.

Carl Safina believes that focusing on the positives rather than the negatives is more likely to inspire change. Their methods may be controversial, but they work: Sea Shepherd has helped to decrease the number of whales killed each year, and they get lots of attention for the plight of these beautiful creatures.

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The blue line is the monthly average, the black line is the annual average and the red line is the 5-year running average. Global warming and Attribution of recent climate change Greenhouse gases trap outgoing radiation warming the atmosphere which in turn warms the land. Aerosols diffuse incoming radiation generally cooling the planet. Volcanoes are the largest source but there are also anthropogenic sources.

There are several other effects such as clouds. Some aerosols like carbon black have warming effects. Land use change like deforestation can increase greenhouse gases through burning biomass. Albedo can also be changed. Incoming solar radiation varies very slightly with the main variation being an approximately year cycle. A temperature anomaly is measured against a reference value or long-term average.

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It was early October, , the month before the map was to debut—live—on election night. At the urging of anchor John Chancellor, NBC had constructed the behemoth map to illustrate, in vivid blue and red, which states supported Republican incumbent Gerald Ford and which backed Democratic challenger Jimmy Carter. Although the map was buttressed by a sturdy wood frame, the front of each state was plastic.

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Image of the Day Sea Level Rise With a three- to four-foot increase in sea level, houses on the beach won’t be the only ones vulnerable to severe damage. Higher seas will cause storm surges to travel farther inland, threatening buildings that once would have been a safe distance from the shore. Photo courtesy Joseph R. Sea level rise is an increase in the height of the ocean surface relative to land.

Several factors can affect the height of the ocean surface:

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On Galápagos, Revealing the Blue-Footed Booby’s True Colors

Evolution of cetaceans Blue whales are rorquals family Balaenopteridae , a family that includes the humpback whale , the fin whale , Bryde’s whale , the sei whale , and the minke whale. The blue whale lineage diverged from the other rorquals during the Miocene, between 7. However, gene flow between the species appears to have continued beyond that date.

The blue whale has the greatest genetic diversity of any baleen whale, and a higher than average diversity among mammals.

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A blue hole in the ocean is a striking sight. In a few rare spots, though, the ocean floor suddenly falls away hundreds of feet into a round, gaping, steep-walled maw big enough to swallow a small ship. The dark blue color of the deeper waters in these submerged caverns contrasts dramatically with the sapphire hues of shallower waters nearby. Limestone is easily erodible, and groundwater trickling through it carved away huge underground caverns. Their roofs eventually caved in, leaving deep shafts open in the Earth.

When the ice age ended and sea levels rose again, these holes flooded, creating deep vertical caverns in what is now the seafloor.

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Changes can be made on global and individual scales to make a big impact towards preserving the oceans and saving its marine inhabitants. Large Scale Solutions for Ocean Pollution It’s hard to clean up mass pollution once it has occurred, so the best plan is prevention. Several changes can take place to help keep industry in check and encourage sustainable practices in the US and across the globe such as: Stricter government regulations on industry and manufacturing is one large scale solution.

The Environmental Protection Agency EPA has enacted several laws to help protect beaches, reduce pollution from ships, reduce marine debris, and prohibit ocean dumping. Implement renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, to limit off-shore drilling. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA tracks renewable ocean energy projects and offers analysis on how renewable energy can impact oceans throughout the United States.

Limit agricultural pesticides and encourage organic farming and eco-friendly pesticide use.

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