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First evidence of hominid cannibalism

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In the foothills of the Sierra de Atapuerca in northern Spain is a series of prehistoric caves in which a human ancestor – homosapiens antecessor – lived up to , years ago. Among the hominid skeletal remains are bones and skulls displaying a series of gouges and scars that suggest a tool had been used for skinning, scraping flesh and extracting marrow from bones.

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First evidence of hominid cannibalism

Eugene Dubois found Pithecanthropus erectus in It had roughly cc brain size. Cave site dated roughly to , to , years ago. Homo erectus and East Africa sites significance? Loius leakey in helped find a skull in Tanzania dated to 1. We also know the Oldowan culture is no more, now its the Acheulian culture 1.

European sites are rich in bones of red deer, fallow deer, bison, aurochs, wild sheep, wild goat and horse, while eland, wildebeest, zebra are found often at African sites. Archaeologists find only few bones of very large animals such as hippopotamus, rhinoceros and elephant, even .

This field relies on the following: Understanding Human Evolution Evolution of hominids from other primates starting around 8 million to 6 million years ago. This information is gained from fossil record of primates, genetics analysis of humans and other surviving primate species, and the history of changing climate and environments in which these species evolved.

Importance of physical anthropology Evidence of hominid activity between 8 and 2. Because of this very incomplete picture of the time period from the fossil record, various aspects of physical anthropology osteometry, functional anatomy, evolutionary framework are essential to explain evolution during these first millions of years. Evolution during this time is considered as the result of natural forces only.

Southern and eastern african sites dating to 25 mya show hab

Eastern and Southern Africa When Lived: Currently, the oldest stone tools are dated slightly older than the oldest evidence of the genus Homo. Paleoanthropologists are constantly in the field, excavating new areas, using groundbreaking technology, and continually filling in some of the gaps about our understanding of human evolution. Or was one the ancestor of the other? A new species of the genus Homo from Olduvai Gorge.

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Southern and eastern African sites dating to mya show habitats indicating: a more frequent use of tools for the digging and processing of roots and tubers. Homo habilis had traits that include/5(1).

The fossil nicknamed “Lucy” is a member of which species? Ardipithecus The only early hominid that lacks the thick enamel coating on its teeth typical of other hominids is: Some Australopithecines Are referred to as “robust” because: Australopithecus anamensis Is Not considered a robust Australopithecine. True The oldest recognizable artifacts are simple stone tools dating to about 2.

Femur thighbone Is an Evidence indicating that Orrorin Tugenensis was bipedal. Ardipithecus Differs from all others in having a thin layer of enamel on its teeth as apes. Long legs Are traits you would not expect to find when examining the bones of AL “Lucy”.

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Homo erectus skull morphology includes: The original name for Homo erectus was: Pithecanthropus The earliest members of the genus Homo have been found dating from: A central theme of human evolution is: Homo habilis experienced a major shift to new environments that was characterized by: What is the likely explanation for the rapid increase in body and brain size among Homo erectus? The discoverer of Homo erectus was: The controlled use of fire by hominids: Which two fossil species lived at the same time around 2.

Homo habilis and Homo erectus Which species became increasingly specialized to foods requiring heavy chewing? Australopithecus Relative to Oldowan tools, Acheulean stone tools: Southern and eastern African sites dating to 2. Homo habilis had traits that include: Fossil evidence of cut marks made with stone tools at early hominid sites suggests that:

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Modern anatomical features of the Nariokotome Boy include: Intermediate forms in the fossil record include: Homo rudolfensis is morphologically similar to:

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Homo antecessor

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