Interesting Facts About Elena Gilbert

Series overview[ edit ] The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia , a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century. It follows the life of Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev , a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, as she falls in love with a year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore Paul Wesley. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder returns, with a plan to bring back their past lover Katherine Pierce, a vampire who looks exactly like Elena. Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena, creating a love triangle among the three. Both brothers protect Elena as they face various villains and threats to their town, including Katherine. The brothers’ history and the town’s mythology are revealed through flashbacks as the series goes on. Additional storylines revolve around the other inhabitants of the town, most notably Elena’s younger brother Jeremy Gilbert Steven R. The town’s politics are orchestrated by descendants of the original founding families, all comprising a “Founders’ Council. They guard the town mainly from vampires , although there are many more supernatural threats such as werewolves, witches, hybrids, ghosts and many more.

Your Date With Damon Salvatore

I mean, she was. We loved each other, but she was also the only person I’ve ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving. And she reminded me that I used to believe that about him too. Her faith in him, it brought Damon and me back together, and yeah, I loved her, more than I thought I could love somebody else, but I think in the end I needed him more than I needed her.

Similar to how both Stefan and Damon were in love with Katherine , they later both fell in love with Elena. Unlike Katherine, she did not enjoy both of their love for her.

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April 21, Delena is one of the hottest couple TV history has ever seen. They could set the screen on fire whenever they are together. Nina Dobrev and Ian somerhalder are such beautiful people. That’s exactly why majority of the vampire diaries fans favour Delena despite all their flaws. Having said that, Delena is basically an abusive relationship. They are the couple who resolve all their problems by sleeping together rather than communicate.

Stefan, Elena, and Damon

I refuse to change you. As for the Augustine mythology, Elena learns her dad taught Wes everything he knows and that Grayson Gilbert was trying to heal a little girl named Megan. Now that the couple is no more, will it push Elena toward Stefan? Or will Katherine swoop in and steal his heart from her death bed?

Jeremy Gilbert is the adoptive brother and biological cousin of Elena Gilbert and is a medium, as well as one of the Five. His best friends are Matt Donovan and Bonnie Bennett, who’s also his girlfriend. Since he came back to life in the Season Four finale, he was living in the Salvatore.

Edit After being resurrected by Bonnie, Jeremy gained the ability to see ghosts. He is also able to see the ‘invisible’ tattoo on Connor’s arm, which, according to Connor, means Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter now fully a member of The Five. Spiritual Medium – Jeremy has the ability to see and communicate with dead supernatural spirits, though he cannot physically feel their presence without help.

At first, this ability was random but he later learned to control it. Only a potential hunter can see the symbol. Hunter’s Curse – When a hunter who is part of The Five is killed by a vampire, the vampire will be struck by horrifying hallucinations that will cause the vampire in question to kill them self. The only way to undo it is for whichever potential that was awakened by the death of the hunter in questioned kills a vampiric creature whether a vampire or a hybrid.

Jeremy’s curse was inflicted upon Silas, who may or may not have beaten it. While not comparable to a Vampire, he’s been able to put up a serious fight, and has equal or greater strength to Silas. Despite being weaker he was able to overpower the Pizza Deliver Girl with the element of surprise.

Elena Gilbert

The episode, which ended with Damon receiving the Cure to vampirism, was a memorable one for Delena fans, as Damon and Elena shared plenty of adorable OTP moments including a steamy kitchen hookup. In fact, he’s become a bit of hero for the passionate fandom. Having directed some of the most iconic and heartbreaking Delena moments in the show’s history — like the season two standout, ” Daddy Issues ,” and Delena’s ” crappy day ” kiss in season five — Butler’s “TVD” career is forever intertwined with Delena.

Throughout our conversation, Butler told us that he didn’t actually have any inside information from mastermind Julie Plec about next season sans Dobrev. All he knows at the moment is that he’ll be back to direct more episodes for the upcoming season, but speaking as a fan of series, he’d like to see Dobrev return for an episode or two. Although it looks like Delena may not get their happily human ever after in cannon after all, there’s only one Cure left , Butler was pretty confident that Damon and Elena are endgame.

At first Stefan Salvatore reminded me of Edward Cullen. After a few episodes I got over it. Stefan Salvatore is a kind-hearted good hero material. I didn’t particularly like him first but then slowly grew fond of him. He loves his brother Damon Salvatore more than anything.

From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful. In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother. She later discovers, from warlock Luca Martin, that the only way to kill Klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill Elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches.

Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon’s to trick Klaus. But when she brings Klaus to the brink of death, Elijah does not kill him, as planned, and carries Klaus away before Bonnie could react. In the season two finale, Bonnie is able to save Jeremy from dying after she tells her dead ancestor Emily Bennett that she loves him. However, bringing Jeremy back from the dead allows him to see his dead ex-girlfriends.

Bonnie later finds out that Jeremy kissed Anna when the doorway to the Other Side was temporarily opened, and she breaks up with him. Later on, Bonnie reconnects with her mother, Abby, who had abandoned her as a child, and who helps her to kill the original vampires.

Elena Gilbert

So when you see, you want it to win. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time. And you could see it onscreen. It was a very tumultuous back-and-forth relationship.

Elena Gilbert is the main character of the The Vampire Diaries and a descendant of Katherine was a human girl until the season finale of season 3 when she died with vampire blood in her system. Turning into a vampire has changed her personality due to her emotions being magnified and her hunger for blood.

Casting[ edit ] Ian Somerhalder was cast as Damon Salvatore at the end of March , six months before the premiere of the series. He is portrayed as a charming, handsome and snarky person who loves tricking humans, and takes pleasure in feeding on them and killing them during the early episodes of the first season, unlike his brother, Stefan. Damon and Stefan bite humans to feed on them since they are vampires. Season 1[ edit ] In the first season , Damon appears as the frightening older brother to Stefan Salvatore , and plays as the main antagonist for the first initial episodes with a hidden agenda.

Damon admits that he came to the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself wanting to protect it after everything that happened at the Founder’s Day celebrations and says he’s not a hero and doesn’t do good, saying it’s not in him – those traits are reserved for Stefan, Elena and Bonnie. The two begin to kiss passionately before getting interrupted – it is later revealed that it wasn’t Elena he kissed, but Katherine Pierce.

But mostly, he likes to take care of himself and do the dirty work, in his own sadistic ways. Season 2[ edit ] In season two , Katherine tells Damon that she never loved him and that it was always Stefan. Elena says something similar later, leaving Damon heartbroken. As an expression of his anger, pain, and hopelessness, he snaps Jeremy Gilbert’s neck, not realizing he is wearing a ring which reverses damage done by supernatural creatures or forces.

Jeremy survives because of the ring, but Damon’s action incurs Elena’s wrath and pain. When Bonnie also discovers it was his blood that enabled Caroline Forbes to become a vampire, the two declare their hatred for him, leaving angrier than ever. Before he gives it back, he tells Elena that he is in love with her, and because he is in love with her, he cannot be selfish with her. He also states that he doesn’t deserve her, but that his brother does.

Elena and Katherine

He is Stefan Salvatore’s older, immoral and malevolent brother. Stefan is the main love interest, true love and significant other of Elena Gilbert , whom Damon also desires to possess and make his “Princess of Darkness”. His soulmate is Bonnie McCullough it is strongly implied in Evensong being that they have experienced all of the signs of The Soulmate Principle, such as electric jolts through skin to skin contact and kissing.

He was born October 31, in Florence, Italy.

The latest Tweets from Dirty Elena Gilbert (@dirtyelenag). Time is all I’ve got, and I’m spending eternity thinking of all the dirty things I’m going to do to Damon when I get out. #RP #TVD #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer. Mystic Falls, VA.

Edit Jeremy was deeply affected by the loss of his parents, and he originally dealt with this pain and trauma through drinking and drugs, relying on them and his love for Vicki to keep him happy. Once Vicki was staked to death by Stefan, Elena had Damon compel his memories regarding Vicki’s death so he wouldn’t be burdened with the pain of losing another loved one so soon after his parents’ death. Damon explained this as being an effect of him taking away his suffering, though Jeremy later revealed that while he had lost the actual memories of the event, he could still tell something was wrong because he felt empty.

Thanks to his ancestor Johnathan Gilbert’s journals, Jeremy grew very interested in local vampire legends, befriending Anna, who also seemed to share his passion. He gradually learned that she herself was a vampire and became obsessed with wanting her to turn him into one. However, his love for Vicki was still his primary focus as he thought he could live with her forever.

However, he fell in love with Anna and was shattered yet again by grief when his Uncle John killed her. After discovering the existence of vampires, Jeremy became more involved in his sister’s and the Salvatore’s worlds. He would help them in their efforts against Katherine, always looking out for his friends, showing a vast and sudden maturity that Bonnie Bennett took notice of and grew attracted to.

The Vampire Diaries

College student Elena Gilbert, meets Damon Salvatore in a rather unfamiliar situation. Sparks fly higher than usual but she knows it can’t end well from day one. Damon and Bonnie are dead and everyone is struggling with the loss.

Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Delena. Mer informasjon. Lagret av. March Pm. k. Liknende ideer. Mer informasjon. Mer informasjon. Mer informasjon. Åpne. Mer informasjon. Mer informasjon. Mer informasjon. Andre Pinnere elsket disse ideene. and because of this right here Damon is going to give Elena the cure & she will leave Mystic Falls.

Edit The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert , a teenage girl who falls deeply in love with a year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s vicious, malevolent and mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore returns with a plan to wreak havoc on the town, seeking revenge against his younger brother for turning him into a vampire against his will.

Because Elena resembles their past love Katherine Pierce, Damon also begins to fall in love with Elena. It is revealed that Elena is a descendant of Katherine, who eventually returns with plans against the trio. Elena undergoes many hardships and deaths of close family members and loved ones throughout her high school experience. The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century.

Additional story lines revolve around the other inhabitants of the town, most notably Elena’s younger brother Jeremy Gilbert, her best friends Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes, and their mutual friends Tyler Lockwood and Matt Donovan. The town’s politics are orchestrated by descendants of the original founding families, all comprising a “Founders’ Council. They guard the town mainly from vampires, although there are many more supernatural threats such as werewolves, witches, and ghosts.

Years after meeting Vampire brothers she becomes one herself, despite never wanting to be one. Bonnie Bennett – Best friends of Elena, and member of a which coven. The Vampire Diaries Episode Guide.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev (Nian)

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