ASTRO Gaming Introduces the A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

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What Hi-Fi?

Unlike Beats Audio, which relies on a famous celebrity to market its products, Astro Gaming uses a more straightforward marketing approach by letting the quality of the product speak for itself. Launching a couple months ago, the A50 wireless headset is a natural evolution from the previous A40 wired model.

Everything is shipped in one easy open squared container. With an outside slip cover that displays information about the unit, the cubed shipping container opens like a book and sturdily houses the headset and all components inside via a carefully designed plastic molding.

Because although these higher-end headsets cost more to run, you also need a pricey gaming PC that can power them, which is a huge barrier to entry for most people. For this reason (and many more, we’ll get into) the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset is still going strong nearly two years after its .

By William Schwartz June 10, Astro Gaming has finally announced a fully wireless solution for Xbox One console owners with their newest version of the A While the A50 has worked wirelessly on the PlayStation 4 and PC since, well, since they were released — this new version of the popular and pricey headset will finally do the trick on Xbox One.

The new A50s also support mods to the headphones, which include noise-isolationing leather ear cushions and more padding on the headband. The complete feature set can be found below: This helps eliminate interference from other wireless devices and keeps audio output in-sync with video sources. Battery Life and Auto Power — Play for extended periods with more than 15 hours of battery life.

This all-digital solution provides advanced customization of all inputs and outputs.

The best headphones for almost every console: Astro’s A50s

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Apr 19,  · The adapters green jack goes into you PC’s mic jack, and the pink jack to the green/output on your PC ((As in, they’re switched)) because you want your PC to hear your controller, and your controller to hear your PC.

Slightly awkward control placement. Bottom Line Astro Gaming’s A50 Wireless Headset is one of the more expensive gaming headsets you can buy, but with its excellent audio quality, comfortable wire-free design, and compatibility with PC, Xbox , and PlayStation 3, it’s our Editors’ Choice. Because of this, a quality gaming headset is a vital element in any gamer’s arsenal.

It sounds stellar, feels good, and has the convenience of a wireless headset, earning it our Editors’ Choice for gaming headsets. Design The headset itself is a large pair of over-ear headphones with a flip-down boom microphone on the left side. They’re black plastic, with some red and grey flourishes to make them look distinct. They’re comfortable, and while they’re slightly awkward to adjust thanks to very stiff connections between the headband and the posts connected to the ear cups, they fit around my head without pinching or feeling loose.

The controls are all placed just behind the ear cups, and feel distinct enough to be blindly controlled despite their small, slightly awkward positioning.

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I’m going to pick up an Astro headset in the immediate future, but I see it only accepts a toslink input. I don’t want to buy something and have no idea how to hook it up. there may be an optical hookup there. Otherwise, you’re pretty much SOL unless you buy a new soundcard. TetraNitroCubane on May 0. Pirusu if you’re a PC-only.

Can anyone confirm by experience? Hey I’ve looked into it. I got the headphone part of the headset to work, but I don’t think it supports usb mic on the ps4. From what I’ve read, on the forums people have looked into that one already and the customer service told them it doesn’t support the PS4. It worked on my mixamp and my creative soundblaster e5 before. From my understanding the PS3 had more audio settings and that the PS4 took a step back in only being able to use only these two options.

At the time of writing this post I’m calling it quits. Astro’s Mixamp has been out since and version still has some of the same problems then it’s earlier model and they have terrible customer service apparently. I’d be happy to shell out money for a well designed product that can power the higher impedance PC headsets for that convenience.

So I bought a “Magni 2” and a “Modi 2 Uber” Schiit’s official website actually offers a better deal than Amazon Prime and they have a sense of humor which is a plus. It should arrive in the next week or so.

ASTRO A50 Gen 2 vs ASTRO A50 Gen 3: 23 facts in comparison

I don’t think i will ever need to buy another pair, these are great. I have a huge head but these fit comfortably. The cushions on the ear feel great. I like that i can switch from the xbox to the pc and use the same headsets. Charging them up is simple, as long as you make sure they are lined up correctly. My only concerned is they didn’t connect to the base one day, no matter what i tried.

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Sep 20, 6 Walshyyy said: Are you sure btw that the adapter is used for game sound? Afaik the headset would work for game sound before the adapter was released, it was voice chat that wouldn’t work. I use my headset adapter with normal headphones plugged in to listen to the game when my girl is sleeping, so yeah. Now I’m not sure how well it’ll work with the A50’s and similar headsets, as in if it’ll be just stereo, or if it’ll be digital surround like it’s supposed to be.

Afaik the A50’s get their sound wirelessly from the mixamp. I think the adapter is just to connect the headset to the controller to enable voice chat.

How to set up an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

We have compiled a comparison of the two headsets to try see if we can pick a clear winner! There is an upgraded A50 model to the original which is distinguishable by its chrome arms. Whether you opt for one of the special edition types or the standard version, they each equally look stunning and will compliment any gaming setup.

The mic pulls down and raises up activating and deactivating it accordingly. The left ear cup has a standard 2.

Astro A40/A50 with mixamp and xbox one chat adapter. That’s the only solution I can think of. I have it and it does all those things. Pricey though. That’s going to cost you around $ at the very least. You need to get the edition Astro A40’s though. The current Xbox One Astros A40 doesn’t even come with the classic mixamp.

For instance, the Astro Gaming A38 was released as a beta and will soon be available for retail later this year. Releasing it as a beta allowed Astro Gaming to test and gather user feedback on the A38 before releasing it out into the wild. This in turn made the A38 better after tweaking all the bits testers commented about. What this is is basically a tiny MixAmp receiver for your computer that functions in conjunction with the Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset.

Astro Gaming has a new solution for you know that allows you to leave your MixAmp connected to your console and only using your A50 headset with your computer in conjunction with the new USB Tx. Why would you buy a separate device for your computer if the MixAmp already worked for it?

Need help with Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headset and PS4 Setup

Go to the Xbox Guide Menu 2. Go along to settings. Go down to voice output and select ‘Play though both’.

May 16,  · i just found out that i had youtube hdr available to me and i didnt knew about it. as a i use the c6 as a pc monitor, after the latest creators update for windows 10, there is a hdr toggle in display settings ofcourse i have to let go of my previous gpu settings (oh, you need a .

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The Virtuix Omni steps up typical movement simulators and allows for full degree walking, or running, and it detects backwards movement, strafing and jumping.

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A great investment for nearly seamless audio switching between outdoor and indoor use. Up to feet Noise-cancelling: Up to 24 hours Type:

ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset, Black/Blue (PlayStation 4) ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset, Black/Blue (PlayStation 4, PC) The need to hook up a box to my computer for the receiver rather than just plugging a receiver in directly does it no favors s: 2.

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How To Connect Astro A50 To Your Computer Without Buying Anything

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